Game Art 

3D Modeling, Animation, Lighting, and Environment Design.

Game Art Demo Reel 

My final project for the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts where I graduated with a diploma in Game Art and Design. Please scroll down this page to see each project with more detailed information about how I made it.

This video was arranged and edited using Adobe Premier Pro.

Lighthouse & Fireflies

Concept art by Arthus Pilorget. Customizable water shader for Unreal Engine 4 made by Saiduth Erlapati.

Modeling, UV unwrapping, rigging, and animation were done in Maya, sculpting was done in Zbrush, texturing was done in Substance Painter, and lighting and rendering were done in Unreal Engine 4.

Skull Girl

Stylized character based on concept art by @gen_yaky.

Clothes (puffer jacket & shorts) were done using Marvellous Designer, sculpting was done in Zbrush, and retopology, rigging, and posing were done in Maya. Texturing done using Substance Painter. Rendered using Marmoset Toolbag.

Isometric Temple

Level design for fixed-perspective mobile game completed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Klaus Style 3D Translation

The goal of this assignment was to translate a 2D reference image into 3D using the rendering and materials tools in Unreal Engine. I chose concept art based on the animated movie "Klaus" made by Szymon Biernacki.